We have met with the Board on several occasions throughout the school year.  Though we have agreed on some editorial language changes, the major items of time and money are still far apart.  Some health insurance changes have been discussed.  The next meeting on June 28 will very likely decide whether we come to an agreement or  file with the State for mediation.  If we file for mediation, we will begin the 2018-19 year working under the terms of the expired agreement, including salary, until a new agreement is accepted and approved by both sides.  Please contact me at the V.E.A. office or via email if you have questions or concerns regarding bargaining.

Lou Russo, President.  6-25-18

Bargaining Team:

Lou Russo, Regina Merkel, Dayna Quiles, Val Carbonara, Brandy Patch, Heather Musto, Mil Johnson, Patti Gibbs, Jim Jameson, NJEA Region 1 Uniserv.

Past Meetings w/Board:  6/13, 5/22, 5/1, 3/27, 2/22, 2/8 (cancelled), 1/16

Team Meetings: 6/12, 6/11, 6/4, 5/29,  5/7, 4/16, 3/20, 1/29, 1/8, 12/13

Come back to this page throughout the negotiations process for updates and meeting dates.

24 Yr settlement trend - Time for an upswing, but it won't be easy and it can't be had without your support, attention, and action.