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March 15th Negotiations.   Click on link below to see the latest on Negotiations.  


Thank you to Ray Mamrak and Kaycee Zelkovsky and all the great people at Landis Theater for their support! Please support the Landis Theater by taking in one of their upcoming shows!


 Spring 2022



Dear V.E.A. Members:

We hope you and yours and well and you are having a pleasant opening to the new work year.  We know that our members are working long hours and under great duress to make virtual instruction work.  These working conditions are not optimal and we are in conversation with the central administration regarding the many changing procedures, policies and expectations that put so much more work and accountability on the teaching staff but very little on anyone else in the chain of the learning process.  This is a work in progress and will likely become part of upcoming contract negotiations.

We know that our members are the key to making virtual teaching and the upcoming hybrid schedule as successful as it can be.  Please strive to do your best work for the students and the parents.  It is noticed and appreciated by the Association and the supportive members of the community.

Remember though to set reasonable limits on your workday in order to maintain your physical and mental health.  No one should be working non-stop at a computer for 10 or more hours a day!  Covid-19 and these working conditions seem like an endless cycle but it is temporary and a change for the better will come. 

The Association is doing everything in its power to ensure that our members and our students are as safe as possible when returning to school on Oct. 13.  If you have concerns or questions, please contact us as soon as possible.

Questions or Concerns?         Call the VEA office at 696-9200 or email me at vealrusso@gmail.com 



Lou Russo, President

Vineland Education Association


Thanks to the members who joined us on Feb. 28 at the Brass Tap.  A good time and prizes.

Cumberland County Family Shelter – We are collecting donations for delivery each month.  

If you hear from individuals or groups trying to convince you to drop your membership  or claiming to offer you cheaper representation,  understand that they are fronts working for far-right, anti-union organizations funded by  the Koch brothers.  Their interest is to dilute the power of unions, lowering wages and ending collective bargaining for decent wages and benefits.  The V.E.A. remains the only democratic membership organization that exists to represent you.  Our power is our unity.  Please read this (Click here) if you got the mailing from “Americans for Prosperity” to get the full context of who they are and what you received.

Have a great year and get involved – now is the time!