At the November 2019 Board meeting the Board formally signed the 2018-21 Agreement.  The contract is now fully executed and in full effect.  Download it here. New printed booklets will be here as soon as possible.


The Board voted to approve the Contract Ratification at their May 1 mtg.  Retroactive raises were paid in a separate check on July 5.  Retroactive step movement will also transpire this summer so that you are credited with your correct step in the new work year.  (Example:  You were on step 13 in 2017-18 and frozen at that step in 2018-19.  You will be retroactively moved to step 14 for 2018-19 and were paid that salary amount as retroactive pay on July 5.  You will be moved to step 15 for 2019-20.)

Contract Ratification Results by School and Total: 2019 Ratification Vote

Click on links to download documents as PDF:

1. Powerpoint from 4-16-19 General Membership Meeting

2.  Proposed Contract Changes - Vineland 2019-21

3.  Vineland Secretarial Salary Guides 2019-2021

4.  Vineland Certificated Salary Guides 2018-21

Questions about any of the information above?  Call the VEA office at 856-696-9200 or email

All members are eligible to vote on these changes.  Voting on Thursday, April 18

See your Building Reps. for the times/places to vote in your building.

You must sign-in before you cast a ballot.  The number of signatures must match the number of votes cast for your building or the votes will be invalidated.

Ballots must be returned to the VEA Office no later than 4:30 on Thursday, April 18.  Counting will proceed immediately thereafter and results will be reported on this website as soon as the votes are tallied.

Any member may come to the office to observe or help count ballots.

Negotiations Survey 2018 - Results   -  PDF

Negotiations Survey 2018 - Results   - Excel

We were under contract from July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2018.  We are now frozen under the terms of the expired agreement until a new contract is agreed to by the Board and Association. 

What is Fact-Finding?

Fact-finding is the 3rd of 4 possible steps in the negotiations process.  If #1, direct bargaining with the Board and #2, mediation by a state-appointed neutral, fails (as ours did), then law mandates that we enter into Fact-Finding.  A different state-appointed, neutral labor negotiations expert was selected by the Association and Board from a list provided by P.E.R.C. (N.J. Public Employment Relations Commission).  The Fact-Finder will first make another attempt at mediating an agreement between Us and the Board.  If that fails, then another date is scheduled for a hearing. Negotiations are over. At the hearing We (with the help of our NJEA experts from Uniserv and Research) and the Board (through their attorney  representatives) present our proposals with research and facts in support of them. The Fact-Finder takes them, may ask clarifying questions, and then reviews them. After analysis, the Fact-Finder issues a report with a recommended settlement.  Both sides have time to consider the recommended settlement. The recommendation is not binding; one or both sides can reject it or both can accept.  After 10 days, the Fact-Finder's report can be released to the public.


24 Yr settlement trend – Time for an upswing, but it won’t be easy and it can’t be had without your support, attention, and action.