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Dear V.E.A. Members,

The New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:13-3.1 sets clear class size limits for schools in “high poverty districts,” defined as former Abbott districts or districts with more than 40% of students living under federal poverty guidelines.  Vineland qualifies in both circumstances and is legally subject to the following class size limits:

Grades K–3: 21

Grades 4-5: 23

Grades 6-12: 24

Special Education class sizes differ based on classification.  Please use the following link that outlines class sizes in Special Education (see pages 103-4): Special Ed. Regulations .  For student and staff success it is vital that these limits are adhered to. The district and its employees have legal and financial responsibility to comply with the law. Judge Bass of the Office of Administrative Law and Christopher Cerf, the N.J. Commissioner of Education, upheld these class size limits and ordered districts to comply. In short, we owe it to our students and taxpayers to make sure that the district follows the law and gives you and your students the best chances at success through smaller class sizes. We need your help to do this. Please report your class sizes on form above for every instructional group, class, and/or period you teach that is above these limits as soon as possible.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and help in maintaining quality education!


Lou Russo, President


For more information:

N.J. Regulations on class size

ALJ Class size decision - Read the Court opinion to enforce the class size regulations.