"Class Coverage Log - Click here"

All members should document any sub shortage, missed C/P, lunch, class time, or office work. This includes any instance in which you were pulled from your normal teaching or working assignment to cover classes due to a lack of substitutes (ICR teachers pulled, guidance counselors put into classrooms, basic skills teachers pulled to cover classes, classes being combined, etc.)

The only way we can advocate for quality instruction and ensure that we are in compliance with special education and certification laws is to document the problem and provide proof. We must show a pattern that is widespread and consistent before we have the standing to involve the central administration, Board, and if necessary, the Department of Education.

If you lost your prep or lunch, please contact the VEA office immediately. Missed lunch or prep time is a contractual violation. A grievance can be filed for compensation. Timelines apply - 30 work days - so DO NOT WAIT!
Thank you,
Lou Russo
President, VEA