Vineland Education Association

Member Assistance

If you have an emergency that requires immediate assistance please call us at 696-9200 or district extension 2610.  You can email us at vealrusso@gmail.com or vearmerkel@gmail.com.

If your emergency involves you as a police or IAIU (DYFUS) investigation related to your job, immediately call NJEA-Uniserv at 696-2670.  Do not discuss the issue with anyone but your attorney.

For general questions, many common answers can be found in your contract; consult it first.  Next, ask one of your building’s Association Representatives.  See our Committees page for help with specific issues or programs – click on our names for our emails.  Contact us – we are here to serve you.  VEA Office = 696-9200.   Kathy Serrano, our secretary, staffs our office between 10 and 4 Monday-Thursday.  She does not work on Friday, so leave a message.