Vineland Education Association

Health Insurance

Health Insurance:

All VEA members are entitled to health insurance (Aetna 15 PPO, prescription, vision, and dental) for self and family dependents.  As per N.J. law, all public employees are required to pay a portion of the yearly costs.  That amount differs based on level of coverage and salary.  The Premium Sharing chart is linked below – use the Year 4 %’s.  Some or all insurances can be dropped for payment in lieu of insurance (except for district-employed spouses).  Waivers must be updated each year during Open Enrollment,  see here for more information on waivers.  A link to the district Health Insurance information page is here.  Several other plans are available for greater or less cost.  Members are cautioned about dropping to inferior insurance plans without considering the coverage limitations.  For more information please contact us for assistance and questions.  

Premium Sharing:  PremiumSharingChart

NJEA’s Understanding the Impact of Chapter 78  on your pay:  ImpactofCh78onTakeHomePay

Benecard Mail Service Patient Information and Order Form: Benecard Mail Service Form July 2015

Health Benefit Rate Charts:  July 1, 2017 rates not yet published by district.  

2016-17 rates:  2016_-_2017_Health_Benefit_Rate_Charts_July_1_2016_-_June_30_2017 (1)

To calculate your premium sharing contribution:

Add up the monthly rates for all insurances that you carry (for nearly everyone it’s the Aetna medical, prescription, vision, and dental) and multiply it by 12 for the yearly cost.  Multiply that cost by the % at Year 4 for your benefit level and salary.  Here is the district’s calculation tool in Excel:  VPS health benefit calculation chart.  Delete any numbers and start over with your own level of coverage, % and the newest rates.