Vineland Education Association

Contract Information

We are under contract from July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2018.  

Negotiations will begin in late fall of 2017 for a successor agreement.  

Interested in Negotiations or playing a part?  Take the time now to attend Negotiations and salary guide workshops and get involved in the Association to learn the process at the CCCEA Region I overnight, NJEA Summer and/or Winter Leadership conferences, the Jim George Collective Bargaining Summit, or contact me (Lou Russo) for more information.  Any member may apply to serve on the Negotiations Committee.  Anyone interested should send a written letter of interest by regular mail to the Executive Committee care of the VEA office or via email to Kathy Serrano at VEAKSerrano@gmail.com.  Your Building Representatives should be speaking with you in one on one meetings to help determine bargaining priorities.  If you have ideas or needs, please forward them to us via mail or email.

Come back to this page throughout the negotiations process for updates and meeting dates.

24 Yr settlement trend – Time for an upswing, but it won’t be easy and it can’t be had without your support, attention, and action.